• Bath Salts Scoops are universally admired and sought after - they give your homemade bath salts that amazing touch.

    Bath Salts

    this website is all about homemade bath salts in case you did not know. We are hopefully going to be posting bath salts recipes, troubleshooting problems, tips and tricks to help you get started learning how to make bath salts.

  • Cranberry Bath Salts & Packaging

    Bath Salt

    we're also going to try and review a whole ton of bath salt recipes for you. This means we will get the recipes, try them and post the results. Hopefully we don't run out of cash or salt along the way! Scroll down for all this and more.

  • Spa Feature

    and Suppliers

    want some brilliant packaging ideas? How to spice up your homemade products in order make them sell that much better? Or make friends fight over them at a gift swap? Want to buy some supplies but aren't sure who you can trust? We've got you covered!

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