Simple Bath Salts With Shea Butter


Stress—we all have it. The pace of life has never been faster, and the post-WWII economy has never been slower. Whether you’re the head of a company doing business with Starbucks or a single parent just looking for a quick cappuccino to hopefully help you keep on your feet and survive the day, there’s no denying that all of us feel stress.

Likewise, there’s no denying that we all deserve a break from that stress, and there are few things which can help soothe and relax you quite like a nice, warm bath. There are plenty of ways to add to this simple sense of relaxation and luxury, of course, be it a nice book or a fine glass of wine, but there’s perhaps nothing which can quite engage and relax you on so many levels as some high-quality bath salts with shea butter added in. If you’re looking for a cheap stress reliever, it’s hard to beat this dynamic duo—and here are just a few reasons why:

  1. A SCINTILLATING EXPERIENCE: “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” That quote comes from none other than Oscar Wilde, master of wit himself, and there’s definitely a great deal of truth to that. Too often we forget to treat ourselves, and if bath salts and shea butter are anything, they’re most surely a treat to your senses. Combined, they make for a most scintillating experience, and this, in turn, helps to combat stress.
  2. A RECIPE FOR RELAXATION: If you’ve ever wondered what’s behind the famed restorative, relaxing powers of bath salts and shea butter, look no further than the recipes themselves. Quality shea butter includes a fantastic array of different skin-friendly nutrients and softeners, including white, off-white or ivory-colored fat which is extracted from a nut from a tree in Africa—a Shea tree, hence the name—which functions as a natural moisturizer and lotion. Shea butter not only feels (and often smells) good, it’s good for your skin, containing elements of various vitamins necessary for healthy, smooth skin.
  3. A PERFECT PAIR: That aforementioned Wilde quote comes from An Ideal Husband. The play satirizes quite a bit, from the English class structure to the over-importance placed on lies, overreactions to simple conundrums and so on, but one of the key elements—as is the case in nearly any Wilde play—is the chemistry between the mains. While Wilde ultimately concludes that a perfect, “Ideal Husband” is something of a fallacy (and a farcical one at that) he does champion the idea of chemistry between equally-potent pairs, and that’s precisely how shea butter and bath salts work together. Bath salts not only make for a more texturally-pleasing bath, but creates a pleasing aroma; these aromas can range from flowery to herbal to more fragrance-like and so on. Add this to the fact that these can also help you keep your skin smooth when taking baths by ensuring that less water is absorbed into your skin, and you have a perfect pairing—bath salts to help you take a long, hot, well-deserved bath without fear of wrinkling or pruning, shea butter to help soften your skin, and both combining to create a scintillating, soothing aroma and atmosphere.