What are the Benefits of Dead Sea Salt?

The Dead Sea has been known for its “magical” effects since the earliest records of the body of water; as time has gone on, we’ve learned that these are health benefits (instead of “magic cures”), but that doesn’t make their abilities any less spectacular.

Why are Dead Sea salts so different than salts from other bodies of water? The main reason is because the Dead Sea contains 27% salt, as opposed to the mere 3 to 5% that other bodies of water contain. That amount of salt (and the number of different salts that are in there) are what make Dead Sea Salts beneficial for many health purposes.

What are the main benefits of Dead Sea Salts? Here are some of the most significant ones.

  • Relief from common skin disorders. Instead of using multiple medications for your acne (which have lots of chemicals that are not good for your skin to be exposed to frequently), or having to see the doctor for your psoriasis, Dead Sea salts are a great alternative. This is likely due to the high levels of magnesium and other natural minerals in the salts; these chemicals will soak into your skin, reducing the inflammation (which manifests as your skin disorder), and then rehydrate the area. It can also help relieve any itching that you may feel from your disorder(s).
  • Relief from allergic reactions (hives, etc) that manifest on the skin. As mentioned above, Dead Sea salts can be instrumental in rehydrating the skin and relieving itching. Hives and other allergic reactions usually manifest with those symptoms (and sometimes more). By soaking in a bath with Dead Sea Salts, you can get some relief from the itching and discomfort, and it can cleanse the areas of the substance that caused the allergic reaction in the first place, making the reaction go away much more quickly.
  • Prevention of aging effects on skin. Wrinkles are something that everyone works to prevent, but many experts agree that Dead Sea salts can play a role in preventing wrinkles and other aging effects. Wrinkles are a result of the skin drying out and losing its elasticity; regular soaking with Dead Sea Salt can help restore the elasticity and keep the skin moisturized, even as you age. The minerals in the salt work together to help “loosen up” the skin, which in turn makes wrinkles less apparent if they have already started to develop (or prevents them from happening in the first place).
  • Improvement in blood circulation. This is not only skin related, but it is important, especially if you are dealing with the results of an injury or something else in your youth and you have the signs of arthritis (specifically rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis). Blood circulation can also help with your skin, including giving it a healthy glow and other important benefits that you may enjoy.

Because of these benefits, Dead Sea salts are an incredibly popular component of many bath salts. There are definitely a number of other benefits as well, but those will differ depending on your situation and body makeup. People will soak in these salts in order to make sure that they get all of these “magical properties,” which helps their skin stay healthy and strong, even during the aging process. You can obtain Dead Sea Salts from a number of sources as well, so if you want to make your own bath salts, you can do that too. No matter how you look at it, Dead Sea salts are an amazing base for any bath salts that you want to use for skin health purposes.