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  • Feb 4,2014
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Wholesale Supplies Plus

Wholesale Supplies Plus was started in 1999, and they were started to help small businesses have access to products for making soaps, bath salts, and a variety of other items that could be used for health and wellness. They have since expanded to working with individuals as well, and they provide a number of different products on their website for making bath salts and other wellness items from scratch. They offer a number of different salts on their website, so you won’t be without Read More

  • Jan 26,2014
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Mountain Rose Herbs

Started in 1987, Mountain Rose Herbs (found at has worked with a number of people to make sure that they offer the best selection of organic items that you can find in the world. They have since brought their journey to the internet, where they offer a wide variety of different items to the public that you can purchase in bulk or in smaller packages, if you’re just getting into the organic world. They offer several different types of salts that are meant Read More

  • Jan 22,2014
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Using Rosemary in Bath Salts

Many people don’t consider throwing an herb into their bath salt mixture, but it’s actually a very good idea. Like essential oils and butters, herbs can also provide a number of different benefits to those who are looking to improve their overall health and wellness with a regular bath salts routine. In recent years, people have started to add Rosemary to their bath salts. There are a number of important benefits that you can get from the inclusion of rosemary in your bath salt mixture. Read More

  • Jan 19,2014
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From Nature With Love Review

From Nature with Love ( is an online wholesale supplier that specializes in a number of different natural ingredients. A majority of their clients purchase ingredients for a number of health purposes, including use at spas, in the home, and in a commercial venue. They offer ingredients that can help customers with skin care, hair care, and aromatherapy. As you can see from their website, they offer a number of different ingredients and remedies that are all Read More

  • Jan 7,2014
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San Francisco Bath Salt Company Review – Just the Plain Truth

San Francisco Bath Salt Company is a high quality provider of all kinds of salts. Founded in 2002, it has quickly grown into a specialty outlet in San Francisco for every imaginable type of salt. Whether you are looking for some exotic cooking salts or something to put you to sleep after a hot bath, San Francisco Bath Salt Company has it all. With connections to suppliers around the world, this company has pretty much every available salt under the sun. Also, this company is known for Read More